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Study Project Papers
Wesleyan Holiness Study Project Holiness Manifesto
  Manifiesto de Santidad
  Chinese Holiness Manifesto
  Korean Holiness Manifesto
Holiness in the 21st Century
Mannoia, Kevin Holiness Manifesto - Table of Contents
Holiness Statement from the 2005 Meeting

Wesleyan Holiness
Study Project

Holiness for the 21st Century
Wesleyan Holiness
Study Project
Santidad en el Siglo 21
Baca, Fr. Al A Catholic Perspective
Mannoia, Kevin Mannoia Editorial
  2004 Meeting Notes
Cullum, Doug Holiness of Heart and Life
Dorsey, Lisa L. Holiness as Praxis
Erdel, Timothy Paul Pedagogy, Propaganda, Prophetic Protest, and Projection
Green, Roger Roger Green's Letter
Keen, Craig A Quick Statement
Kendall, David W. The Holiness to Which We Are Called
LeClerc, Diane Holiness: Sins Anticipated Cure
Noble, Thomas A. Holiness
Raymond, Jonathan S. Social Holiness
Snyder, Howard A. Holiness and the Five Calls of God
  Holiness and the Five Calls of God (brief version)
Thorsen, Don Holiness in the 21st Century
Thrush, Lynn What is Holiness?

September 15, 2020
Conversations with Kevin
During COVID
Part II"
with Kim Berry Jones

September 25, 2020
New Room Conference
"A Night With New Room"

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