3/29/07 Holiness Themes Chart the Course for the Future

March 29, 2007

Ontario, CA – Yesterday, March 28, seven themes for the future of holiness were unveiled at a Holiness Pastors’ Day in Ontario, CA.  The annual event was held at the Ayres Hotel and Conference Center where pastors gathered around the holiness message they all value as part of their heritage and their common commitment for the future.

Fresh Eyes On Holiness” is a document containing seven themes that leaders will need to consider as they move forward in developing the mission of their churches in the 21st Century.  The document calls for unity and engagement that keeps in balance Scriptural principles of holy living.  The seven themes identified by the writers serve as guides that pastors and church leaders will need to consider in the coming years as they seek to keep the holiness message relevant in their congregations.  These seven themes include:

  • Dimensions of Holiness
  • Essence of Holiness
  • Catholicity of Holiness
  • Holiness and Culture
  • Holiness and Social Concern
  • Holiness and Community
  • Communicating Holiness

Fresh Eyes On Holiness” (see attached) was written by participants in the annual meeting of the Wesleyan Holiness Study Project with an intentional focus upon local church pastors and church leaders.  It is founded upon the “Holiness Manifesto” – a document previous developed by the group and used broadly among church leaders as a call to center upon the renewal of Holiness in the 21st century.

Pastors at the Holiness Pastors’ Day in Southern California were given opportunity to interact with the document and to discuss specific ways they may use it to propel their ministries forward around the holiness message.

Holiness is finding greater interest and attention among Christians of all ages and theological traditions.  At the event, a panel of young leaders discussed in contemporary terms the relevancy of holiness and the need to find new paradigms and language.

Father Al Baca, of the Catholic diocese of Orange, also spoke to the pastors concerning the Catholic Church’s understanding of holiness and its motivating influence in compassionate ministries in community.  Many pastors commented that some of their preconceptions regarding the Catholic Church may need to be adjusted.

A similar Pastors’ Day is being planned by a Regional Network of church leaders in the Midwest.  They will be inviting their pastors to gather on September 18 in Indianapolis.

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